Laws Incorporating Wales 1535–1542

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The laws for the incorporation of Wales 1535-1542 ( English Laws in Wales Acts 1535-1542 , Welsh Y Deddfau Cyfreithiau yng Nghymru 1536 a 1543 ), often referred to as the Act of Union , meant no union, but the incorporation of Wales into the judicial area of England . The laws were enacted under the rule of Henry VIII , a native of the Welsh House of Tudor .

Wales was divided into 13 counties , viz

  • Monmouthshire (Sir Fynwy; Mynwy)
  • Glamorganshire (Sir Forgannwg or Morgannwg)
  • Carmarthenshire (Sir Gaerfyrddin, colloquially Sir Gâr)
  • Pembrokeshire (Sir Benfro)
  • Cardiganshire (Sir Aberteifi or Ceredigion)
  • Brecknockshire (Sir Frycheiniog; Brycheiniog)
  • Radnorshire (Sir Faesyfed)
  • Montgomeryshire (Sir Drefaldwyn)
  • Denbighshire (Sir Ddinbych)
  • Flintshire (Sir y Fflint)
  • Merionethshire (Sir Feirionnydd or Meirionnydd)
  • Caernarfonshire (formerly Caernarvonshire or Carnarvonshire) (Sir Gaernarfon)
  • Anglesey (Sir Fôn; Môn)

English law now also applied in Wales. Among other things, this meant that the English language was introduced as the official language . This kept most of the locals away from public office.

The regulations of 1535 were repealed on December 21, 1993, those of 1542 on January 3, 1995, thus restoring legal autonomy for Wales.


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  1. The usage of language has changed. While Williams (literature) still spoke of union in 1971 , the legal texts are now listed under the name in the Statute Law Database as Laws in Wales Act .