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Grinder of a pepper mill

As spice mill is called both a milling operation , the different types of spices processed as a kitchen appliance or panel device with manual or electrical drive to spices if required freshly schroten - such as the pepper mill .

Peugeot invented the spice mill in 1842. The first spice mill was a pepper mill. The first spice mills replaced the classic mortar and pestle .

The processing of the spices takes place with appropriate machines; black and white pepper are first processed with the roller mill. This results in coarse meal (split grain) from the peppercorns, which are then processed with the "Perplex". Ground pepper (fine product) is made from the shot.

Often the grinding rollers have to be cooled, otherwise the volatile aromatic substances (mostly essential oils ) will escape due to the heat generated during grinding.

Nutmeg is processed with a hammer mill , resulting in grist . This is then processed with the Perplex, and comes out as a finished ground product (nutmeg powder).

In the case of kitchen appliances mills are open (z. B. poppy mill ) and closed- grinder (z. B. pepper mill , coffee grinder ) distinguished. In the closed mold, the material to be ground is first placed inside the machine before the grinding process is triggered mechanically (e.g. with a hand crank) or electrically. In the open form, the material to be ground is continuously fed into the grinder during the grinding process. To avoid injury, shorter ground material is a Mühlenplunger pressed toward the mill.

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