Giacomo Genora

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Giacomo Genora (born February 5, 1656 in Leontica , † between August and October 1731 in Pollegio ) was a Swiss Roman Catholic clergyman and native writer.


Genora's birthplace Leontica

Giacomo Genora was the son of Carlo Genora and his wife Maria, geb. de Maria.

It is documented that he stayed in Milan from 1675 to 1676 and probably attended a catechism school there. In 1679 he was ordained a priest . He completed his training in the La Canonica seminary in Milan and in 1685 became assistant pastor in Quinto , later he was appointed pastor and apostolic notary. From 1686 to 1707 he worked in Osco , from 1707 to 1713 in Pollegio .


In 1692 he published his work Liber hexametrorum in Milan , a homage to his home valley, the Valle di Blenio . As a kind of local travel guide, it shows the places in the area in Latin hexameters . The work is remarkable because of its Latin vocabulary, but in its chaotic lists in Baroque style it seems more naive than macaronic . The work was translated into Italian by Giuseppe Gallizia in 1981 .

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