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Plastic watering can with shower mouthpiece

A watering can , also Sprenger , Spritzkrug (Austria) or Spritzkanne (Switzerland), is a vessel for watering plants.

Watering cans made of metal

The components of the watering can are the vessel, handle, spout and shower mouthpiece, also known as pacifier or villus. It is the most widely used artificial irrigation tool . Their special shape serves the purpose of bringing the required amount of water to the plants in the desired dosage, as precisely as possible or evenly distributed.

Watering cans are available in a wide variety of designs and materials (plastic, sheet metal, ceramic, etc.). The shape of the watering cans as well as their components have been continuously adapted and improved in the course of their development to meet the special requirements. Even Konrad Adenauer made a contribution to this: In 1940 he complained to the German Patent Office an application for a special shower head one.

For indoor plants, there are smaller watering cans (usually with a capacity of one to two liters) with higher demands on design and appearance than large watering cans (up to 15 liters) for kitchen gardens and ornamental gardens. In addition, the spout for targeted watering of flower pots or window boxes is longer and narrower than the garden watering can in relation to the vessel. In the case of technically high-quality watering cans for indoor plants, the outlet opening of the spout is significantly higher than the filling opening when the can is in a horizontal position, which minimizes the risk of accidentally spilling water.


Pierre-Auguste Renoir: girl with watering can

Although the watering can is a rather profane object of daily use , it has found its way into art, as the painting “Girl with a watering can” painted by Pierre-Auguste Renoir in 1876 shows.

An alternative literary magazine of the 1970s was called " Die Gießkanne ".

The even distribution of the water through watering cans was the inspiration for the name watering can principle .

There has been a watering can museum in the city of Giessen since 2011 . It was founded as a hands-on museum and project as part of the State Garden Show 2014 and is dedicated to the everyday and useful object watering can. Most of the exhibits were donated.

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