Guy Beckley

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Guy Beckley (* 1805 - December 26, 1847 in Ann Arbor ) was an American Methodist pastor, abolitionist and editor of the Signal of Liberty newspaper .


Guy Beckley became a New England Methodist Conference preacher candidate in 1827 at the age of 22 and first served in Rochester . In 1829 he was appointed a deacon and ordained a presbyter in 1831 . For the next several years he served as an itinerant preacher, and in 1836 he became a member of the American Anti-Slavery Society . After his first wife, Caroline Beckley, b. Walker, who died in Northfield on May 18, 1839, leaving him with five children, remarried Beckley and moved with his children to Ann Arbor , where he already had a brother and sister. There he worked in his brother's trading house, founded the Michigan Anti-Slavery Society and was editor of the Signal of Liberty newspaper , which campaigned for the liberation of slaves. In addition, he was significantly involved as an organizer in the Underground Railroad , which helped slaves from the southern states to escape to the north of the United States and on to Canada.