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The gynecological chair (also known as the gynecologist's chair or examination chair ) is used to carry out gynecological examinations of the abdomen. This is actually a lounger with a more or less sloping back. To the right and left of the seat are bowl-shaped brackets ( leg holders or supports). The patient then lies in the so-called lithotomy position (SSL).

As an alternative to using a special gynecological chair, leg rests were developed in the 19th century that can be attached to conventional tables.

Gynecological chairs come in many different designs. More sophisticated models offer, among other things, the possibility of adjusting the height and inclination of the seat using a motor in order to facilitate the examination.

Models similar to gynecological chairs are also used in urology (for examinations of the urethra and bladder ) and proctology (for examinations of the anus and rectum ).

Swinger club / BDSM scene

In many swinger clubs there are gynecological chairs available for various sexual activities. In the field of BDSM , these chairs are sometimes used in the field of clinical sex . They mainly serve to punish and to gain pleasure. Similar to slings , the special lying position allows unrestricted access to the rectum , anus and, if necessary, the vagina and offers a very relaxed lying position.

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