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Swingers club in Berlin

A swingers club is a club where swingers meet. The expression swinger is derived from the English to swing (= to swing, to commute, to move back and forth, to move freely). Swing is a term that became popular in the second half of the 20th century for people who freely live out their sexuality with different partners , beyond conventional moral concepts and social taboos that could stand in the way of certain needs. In a swingers club, people are given the opportunity to live out their fantasies and sex practices in the form of partner swapping , voyeurism , exhibitionism and group sex.

Club forms

Contactable in the swingers club

A distinction is made between pure couples' clubs, which are intended exclusively for couples, and swinger clubs, in which individuals are also allowed. The latter are mainly visited by men and couples - less often by individual women - who are not averse to the so-called surplus of men, i.e. sex with the majority of men.

Other businesses with the names party meeting , nudist club or sauna club mostly employ prostitutes or let them in; in swinger clubs this is generally not the case.


Relaxation area with sauna
Room with a round bed and a love swing

A swingers club usually has a changing area with lockers or cupboards, a counter or bar , a dining area, showers and a separate area for sexual activities. This "sex sector" is usually divided into different subject areas, for example, receive a large play area for group sex, a small room, where one of the outside touches ( Glory Hole ), a darkroom , a room with a gynecological chair and often a massage table. Often there is a lockable room in which individuals can withdraw. Occasionally, in swinger clubs, porn film sequences run uninterruptedly on one or more monitors, the use of music in the entertainment rooms is different.

In the clubs with a surplus of men there is usually a separate couple's room, and some clubs have an SM room. Many facilities are also equipped with a sauna , some with a whirlpool , swimming pool and terrace or outdoor facilities. A disco can be integrated in large clubs .


When entering a swingers club, a flat fee is usually payable, which covers entry, food and most of the drinks. The often considerable price differences between clubs can be partly explained by the different offers of the clubs. The admission price for a couple in a pure couples club can currently be up to 100 euros and for a gentleman in a men's surplus club up to 150 euros. Regular guests are sometimes given discounts to increase occupancy. Single women usually have free entry; this can also apply to couples in men's surplus clubs. If there is a clear surplus of men, individual men are sometimes turned away.

Minors are generally prohibited from entering; Recognizable unkempt persons and those under the noticeable influence of alcohol or drugs are usually denied access even without the operator's express declaration.

There are clubs that give admission to special target groups on set days, with some themed evenings being announced in advance. These can take place, for example, on the subjects of “Bi” ( bisexuality ), “ Nudism ” or “Lacquer and leather”. In many establishments, especially outside the metropolitan areas, prior registrations are required or required so that the operators can plan accordingly with regard to the buffet, among other things.

Almost all facilities are open on Fridays and Saturdays as well as the days before public holidays, some also on Sundays and on individual other days of the week. Clubs usually open in the evening from 8 p.m. especially on Sundays, in individual cases in the afternoon or even from morning. Individual clubs also offer overnight accommodation.


Swingers club Le Glamor , Cap d'Agde , France

First-time visitors to a club are shown the premises and the rules of the game are explained. In swinger clubs the basic motto “Anything can, nothing has to!” Applies, which means that basically every type of sexual contact is possible, but this can only take place with mutual consent. The law and the integrity of the establishment of the establishment limit the behavior. If a person gives a sign of rejection to another, this sign should be heeded, as otherwise the host / operator is likely to be excluded and punished for sexual harassment , sexual assault or even rape .

Admission often includes a lockable locker for clothes and money, non-alcoholic and partly alcoholic drinks, a buffet, shampoo / shower gel, towels, condoms. Typically, you can smoke in the bar area, but not in the other rooms because of the inherent risk of fire and injury.

After paying for admission, visitors change or undress in the changing area. The clothes are stored in a lockable cupboard. The dress code varies by club and country. In most swinger clubs in Central Europe, Northern Europe and North America, lingerie (“club outfit”) is usually worn. For men, fine rib cotton is frowned upon. In many clubs, a light fetish outfit (lacquer, leather) is desired or required, especially for themed parties. In Italy, France and Spain, visitors generally keep their clothes on and only 'more or less' take them off on the playground.

Since there is often sexual contact with changing partners in swinger clubs , there is an increased risk of infection with sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS . However, safe sex can usually be practiced through the availability of condoms. These are on display in the playrooms or are available at the counter. In swinger clubs, sexual intercourse without a condom usually only takes place with one's steadfast partner.


Swinger clubs can be found in most of Europe as well as in North America, Australia and New Zealand. In 2017, there were around 340 swinger clubs in Germany. In France there is Cap d'Agde the Village Naturiste Cap d'Agde , equipped with several Swinger, 120 hectares large nudist Plant, which has established itself as a swinger travel destination. In the Caribbean there are holiday resorts designed as swinger clubs. In South America there are swinger clubs in some large cities, in Africa and Asia only a few are so far.

In German-speaking countries as acting club organized merger of couples- and swinger clubs ZPS e. V. as an umbrella organization . The association NASCA International , based in California , organizes clubs and swingers from 27 countries, including German-speaking countries.

Many swinger clubs not only have their own websites, but are also represented on internet platforms where the swinger community meets for discussion and exchange.

Due to the contact restrictions imposed on the basis of the Infection Protection Act due to the COVID-19 pandemic , all swinger clubs in Germany had to cease operations in mid-March 2020. As a result, there were operational tasks, "because the Corona regulations cannot be agreed with the operation of a couples club, and not for a long time!"

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