Häberle and Pfleiderer

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Willy Reichert (left) and Oscar Heiler (right) as Häberle and Pfleiderer , 1960

Häberle and Pfleiderer were a comedian duo created in 1931 by the Stuttgart entertainer Willy Reichert and the Austrian Charly Wimmer . The role models were the Hungarian cabaret duo Badsek & Sajo from Budapest. But only two weeks after the duo's successful premiere on December 16, 1931 in the pavilion of the Excelsior Theater in Stuttgart , Wimmer suffered a serious motorcycle accident and had to be replaced within a few hours by the hitherto unknown Stuttgart Oscar Heiler . Heiler was originally a bookseller with a love of the theater. His customer Reichert gave him a position at the theater and he was among the first appearances of Häberle and Pfleiderer prompt . So he was the only substitute who knew the lyrics by heart. Due to the fame that Häberle & Pfleiderer has now achieved , the Reichert & Heiler duo performed in Stuttgart's largest variety theater, the Friedrichsbautheater, from 1933 onwards . After the end of the war, the duo had numerous radio and television appearances ( SDR ). The duo also completed over 1000 commercials for a soup manufacturer. In 1959 the last new sketch had its premiere. They performed regularly in entertainment events in Baden-Württemberg until the 1970s .

Willy Reichert played the character of Pfleiderer, a knitz (Swabian for clever) Swabian who often has the last word in the sketches . Häberle, played by Oscar Heiler, on the other hand, is a character who is more distinguished and usually tries to instruct Pfleiderer. At the same time, Häberle often seems a bit unintelligent, especially when he tries to speak High German and can not deny his dialect .

Topics were the Swabian character, philosophy in general, human weaknesses, fates and the typical of the country. Through these dialogues in dialect, the image of the typical Swabian was shaped throughout Germany. Numerous skits were filmed and were also part of the television series Deutschland, Deine Schwaben based on the book of the same name by Thaddäus Troll .

The bronze statue Häberle and Pfleiderer by Hanne Schorp-Pflumm was placed in front of the Friedrichsbautheater in Stuttgart in 1994 .



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