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In mathematics, a half ring is the generalization of the algebraic structure of a ring , in which the addition no longer has to be a commutative group , but only a commutative semigroup .

Half rings are also defined with non-commutative addition as well as with ( absorbing ) and / or , the definitions in the literature are not uniform.


Half ring

A half ring (engl .: Semi ring ) is an algebraic structure with a (non-empty) amount and with two two-digit links ( addition ) and ( multiplication ), in which:

  1. is a commutative semigroup .
  2. is a half group.
  3. The distributive laws apply , i. H. for all true
  such as  

If it is also commutative, one speaks of a commutative half-ring.

Zero element

If a half-ring has a neutral element with respect to addition, i. H.

for all

so this is called the zero element or, for short, the zero of the half-ring.

The zero of a half-ring is said to be absorbing , if related to the multiplication, i.e. H.

for all

A half ring with an absorbing zero is also called a hemiring .

One element

If a half-ring contains a neutral element with respect to multiplication, so

for all

then this is called the one element or, for short, the one of the half-ring.

A hemiring with a one is also called a valuation half- ring .


A hemiring with one and idempotent addition is called a dioid ; H. are at a dioid and u. a. Monoids .


  • ;
  • is even a half body .
  • , the so-called Min-Plus-Algebra ;
  • For any set the power set is a half ring.
  • More generally, every Boolean algebra is a half ring.


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