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The concise dictionary of electrical telecommunications is a technical lexicon with terms from the field of electrical telecommunications .

In addition to brief explanations, there are also multi-page articles on a special telecommunications technology topic. Furthermore, the standard work also contains telecommunications history and country-specific treatises. Since the books were published on behalf of the Deutsche Reichspost or later by the Deutsche Bundespost , the focus of the topics is on the German characteristics.

For other postal areas, the German Post (Reichspost and Bundespost) also published the concise dictionary of the postal system .

Book editions

First edition

The first edition was published in 1929 by Julius Springer , Berlin. The printing was done by Oscar Brandstetter in Leipzig. Two volumes were published with a total of 2769 images:

  1. Volume A – K with 1319 images (pp. 1–830) plus foreword, “List of honorable gentlemen for the work”, list of abbreviations on pages I-VII
  2. Volume L – Z with 1450 images (pp. 1–903) plus list of abbreviations on pages I – IV

This edition was published by:

Second edition

A second edition was prepared by the Reich Ministry of Post around 1940, but the war did not press it. The articles were in the archive of the Deutsche Fernkabel-Gesellschaft in card form around 1985 .

The actual second (revised) edition was printed in the Bundesdruckerei Berlin in 1970 and published on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Post and Telecommunications .

  1. Volume A – F (pp. 1–628) plus forewords, list of employees and abbreviations on pages I – XIX
  2. Volume G – P (pp. 629–1334)
  3. Volume Q – Z (pp. 1337–1978)


Shortly before the work went to print, the former president of the FTZ and co-editor Karl Herz died on July 11, 1970, so his article could still be updated.

Similar books

Individual evidence

  1. Volume G-P, pp. 785-786