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A technical lexicon (also: specialist dictionary , subject lexicon ) is a reference work , usually in alphabetical order , in which the knowledge of a limited subject area is described, and in contrast to encyclopedias normally without the claim to exhaustive presentation.

There are overlaps with the terms subject dictionary and Reallexikon (from Latin realis; res: thing ) - originally an alphabetically ordered reference work for a certain subject area, which only provides information on things, terms and fundamentals of a subject area, not on persons and biographies, whereby Real Lexicon often expresses greater depth of detail.

In today's linguistic usage the terms technical lexicon , non-fiction dictionary and non-fiction dictionary are mostly used synonymously.

Biographical reference works

These record information about real, but sometimes also about fictional people. The greatest general biographical works are mostly limited to one nation-state. In addition, there are works that only list the representatives of a profession or an industry, others are limited to a period of time, to followers of a worldview or people of one gender (e.g. women's lexicons). There are reference works that only describe living people, such as the Who's Who , or only deceased people (such as the Dictionary of National Biography ). Several selection criteria can also be combined.

In a broader sense, biographical reference works are those that predominantly, but not exclusively, offer biographical information, such as the photographer's lexicon .

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