Hank the Knife and the Jets

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Hank the Knife and the Jets
General information
founding 1974, 2001
resolution 1977
Founding members
Vocals, bass
Henk Bruysten
Vocals, guitar
Alan Pierre Beek († 2009)
Bass, vocals
Jan van Haaften
Rob Mijnhart
Hans van Geffen († 2006)

Hank the Knife and the Jets is a rock 'n' roll band from the Netherlands who became famous for their Guitar King song .

Band history

The band was founded in 1974 by bassist Henk Bruysten as Moment Darling , who released their only single Love Centaur with the B-side Lazy Daisy under the record label Pink Elephant . After moderate success, the band renamed itself in the same year to Hank the Knife and the Jets . The line-up at that time consisted of Henk Bruysten (vocals, solo / lead VI-bass), Alan Pierre Beek († May 24, 2009) (vocals, guitar), Jan van Haaften (bass, vocals), Rob Mijnhart ( Drums) and Hans van Geffen († May 1, 2006) (guitar).

In 1975 they got their first record deal with EMI Holland for the single Guitar King , which was produced by Roy Beltman. This title became her first major success. It landed at number 2 in the Netherlands, at number 1 in Belgium and at number 4 in the singles charts in Germany. The follow -up single, Stan the Gunman , became a number 1 hit in the Netherlands and Belgium, and number 9 in Germany. The B-side contained an instrumental version called the Catherina Serenade . The album The Guitar King, produced at the same time, flopped.

The next single, Yesterday Star , was only able to reach a chart position at 14 in the Netherlands and Crazy Cats was no longer placed at all. As a result, the band separated from their drummer Eugene Arts and the guitarist, the guitarist Alfons Haket , who formerly played with Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers . Even this change was unsuccessful and the single Ennio produced in 1977 also flopped, as a result the band broke up and stopped recording The Man with The Golden Guitar , which accordingly no longer appeared.

Several singles produced in the 80s such as "Crazy Guitar", "LadyKiller" and the single "Zorro", under the pseudonym "Wild Bunch" in collaboration with Long Tall Ernie, achieved great success. In commercial terms, however, they were never able to build on their previous successes, which is why they are now getting high prices from collectors thanks to their rarity.

In 1993 the classics by Hank the Knife were re-recorded together with the Crazy Cats and produced by Koch Records. This CD, released under the name Diamonds , sold better than the originals, although it no longer came close to the sound quality of the originals. Bruysten then played as Hank the Knife and the Silver Cadillacs at various events in the Netherlands. Since 2001, Hank the Knife and the Jets has appeared again in the original line-up and plays rock 'n' roll classics at dance events.

In 2002 the album First Gear was released, in 2005 the single Lumberjack was released , in 2006 Next Time in Aspen (a sponsored production of the Dutch gas station chain Aspen ). The current album Black was released in May 2007 and is distributed in Germany by the fan club on behalf of the CRI-LEX Records label as the first officially available sound carrier in years. In 2011 Six Bass Man was published, which has so far only been distributed via the homepage.



year title Top ranking, total weeks, awardChart placementsChart placements
(Year, title, rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
1975 Guitar King DE39 (2 weeks)
1980 Crazy Guitar - NL45 (2 weeks)
The Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music - NL95 (1 week)

More albums

  • 1985: Greatest Hits of Hank The Knife ( aka : Yesterday Star )
  • 1994: Diamonds
  • 2002: First Gear
  • 2007: Black
  • 2011: Six Bass Man


year Title
Top ranking, total weeks, awardChart placementsChart placements
(Year, title, album , rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
1975 Guitar King
Guitar King
DE4 (29 weeks)
NL2 (11 weeks)
B-side: Ghost Town
Stan the Gunman
Guitar King
DE9 (13 weeks)
NL1 (9 weeks)
B-side: Catherina Serenade
1976 Yesterday Star
single track
DE38 (5 weeks)
NL14 (5 weeks)
B-side: Only One Promise
Crazy Cat
single track
- NL31 (3 weeks)
B-side: Price of Fame
1980 Crazy Guitar
Crazy Guitar
- NL8 (8 weeks)
B-side: The Return of the Knife
as Hank the Knife & The Crazy Cats

More singles

  • 1974: Love Centaur (as Moment Darling )
  • 1977: Ennio (B-side: Cracker Jack)
  • 1980: Crazy Guitar (B-side: The Return of the Knife)
  • 1980: Diamonds (B-side: Six bass Man)
  • 1981: Johnny & Honey (B-side: Song for Kim)
  • 1982: Zorro (under the name: "Wild Bunch" feat. Long Tall Ernie)
  • 1988: Ladykiller (B-side: Winner of the Race)
  • 2005: Lumberjack
  • 2006: Next Time in Aspen
  • 2008: Lumberjack
  • 2014: Playing You

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