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The Hanság [ hɒnʃaːɡ ] ( German Waasen or Wasen ) is a fen landscape at the Austrian-Hungarian border southeast of Lake Neusiedl . The wetland with numerous rare bird species was largely drained into the Einser Canal through an extensive canal and ditch system and two pumping stations ( Tadten and Wallern ) and made usable for agriculture.

Today in the core area of ​​the Hanság, the forerunner of the Neusiedler See and still at the end of the 19th century huge swamp area, dry fens prevail. In summers with little precipitation, the reed and cattail peat, a conspicuous horizon of these fens, is completely dry and easily ignitable. In August 1978, for example, a moorland fire that covered 30 hectares raged in the Wallern area. In 1991 the Fertő-Hanság National Park was established.

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