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The grave of Hans-Dieter Döpmann in the Evangelical Cemetery in Buch in Berlin.

Hans-Dieter Döpmann (born May 15, 1929 in Bad Frankenhausen ; † December 11, 2012 in Berlin ) was a German Protestant theologian and church historian .


Hans-Dieter Döpmann received his doctorate in 1962 at the Humboldt University in Berlin , where he also completed his habilitation three years later . At the Evangelical Theological Faculty of the Humboldt University, he first taught church studies of Orthodoxy and from 1983 until his retirement as a full professor of church history. His main research subjects were the Orthodox Churches of Russia and Bulgaria.

Döpmann was a member of the board of the German-Bulgarian Society , of which he was an honorary member. For his scientific merits he received the Patriarchal Cross of the Romanian Orthodox Church in 2003 and the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon in 2008 .

Döpmann had been a member of the Berlin CDU since 1950 , for which he was awarded the badge of honor and a certificate on February 19, 2010. From 1949 he studied Slavic Studies at the then Brandenburg State University in Potsdam under Professor Hans Holm Bielfeldt , who later saw him again at the Humboldt University in Berlin .

Döpmann lived in Berlin-Buch , where he was also buried.

Publications (selection)

  • The state and social thinking in Josif Volockij and Nil Sorskij and their influence on the development of the Moscovite state idea (diss.), Berlin 1962 (partial print: The influence of the church on the Moscow state idea: state and social thinking in Josif Volockij, Nil Sorskij and Vassian Patrikeev , Evangelical Publishing House , Berlin 1967)
  • The Importance of Bulgaria for the Separation of Eastern and Western Christianity: A Contribution to the History of the Photian Schism (Habil.), Berlin 1965
  • Old Bulgaria: a cultural-historical outline up to the end of Turkish rule in 1878 , Leipzig 1973
  • The Russian Orthodox Church, Past and Present , 2nd edition, Berlin 1981
  • 1000 years of the Russian Orthodox Church: an outline of its history from Saint Vladimir to the present day , Berlin 1988, ISBN 3-372-00154-0
  • The Eastern Churches from the Iconoclasm to the Church Split in 1054 , Leipzig 1991, ISBN 3-374-00017-7
  • Church in Bulgaria from its beginnings to the present , Munich 2006, ISBN 3-932331-90-7
  • The Orthodox Churches Past and Present , 2nd edition, Frankfurt, Berlin, Bern a. a. 2010, ISBN 978-3-631-60449-6


  • Helmut W. Schaller and Rumjana Zlatanova (eds.): Symbolae Ecclesiasticae Bulgaricae. Lectures on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Hans-Dieter Döpmann Munich and Berlin 2011, ISBN 978-3-86688-134-1

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