Hans Friedrich von Drachsdorf

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Coat of arms of the Drachsdorf family from Siebmacher's coat of arms book from 1605

Hans Friedrich von Drachsdorf (born July 25, 1564 - † February 22, 1629 in Weimar ) was a German administrative officer.


Drachsdorf was the son of the court master Eustachius von Drachsdorf and his wife Magdalena von Eichenberg . In 1574, at the age of ten, he became a page at the court of Count Heinrich von Eisenberg .

In the years 1581 to 1582 Drachsdorf completed his cavalier tour through France. After his return he was appointed to the court of the Duchess Dorothea Susanne of Saxony . In 1584 he accompanied the Rhine Count Friedrich on his aid train for Heinrich von Navarra .

1587 was Drach village squire at the court of Count Albrecht of Nassau in Ottweiler . From there he accompanied Count Philipp von Eberstein on his two-year cavalier tour to Italy from 1590–1592 . When he returned from this trip, Drachsdorf got a job as a chamberlain at the court of Duke Johann in Altenburg .

There he was promoted to stable master in 1596 and held this office until 1604. In that year he was appointed court marshal to Weimar. He accepted this office, held it until 1611, and then gave it back. In 1614 Drachsdorf acquired Weimar citizenship.

In 1621 he was accepted into the Fruit-Bringing Society by Prince Ludwig I of Anhalt-Köthen . There he had the company name the Steadfast and the motto in the wet . As an emblem he was given an Ellernbaum ( Alnus Mill. ). Drachsdorf is listed in the Koethen Society Register under number 50.

Between 1622 and 1624 Drachsdorf worked for about 30 months at the court of Duke Johann Philipp von Sachsen-Altenburg in Altenburg as court marshal. The Duke then put him in charge of the salt works in Salza . In addition, as a captain, he administered the offices of Dornburg and Camburg .

Hans Friedrich von Drachsdorf died at the age of 65 on February 22, 1629 in Weimar.


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