Harald Cuypers

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Harald Cuypers is a former German canoeist .

Life and athletic career

Harald Cuypers' discipline in canoeing was the one-canoe with whom he first started in national slalom competitions. The canoeist from Krefeld-Uerdingen was German champion in 1965 in the single canoe slalom.

He was soon used in the international canoe competitions in the German national team. At the canoe world championship in 1967 he won a bronze medal with the German team (Cuypers with Wolfgang Peters and Reinhold Kauder ). At the World Championships in Lipno in 1967 he won the bronze medal in the C1 team together with Wolfgang Peters and Otto Stumpf . At the World Championships in Merano in 1971 he won the silver medal together with Wolfgang Peters and Reinhold Kauder. The highlight of his sporting success, however, was winning the gold medal at the World Championships in 1969 when he crossed the finish line first with the C1 team.

On June 16, 1970, he was awarded the Silver Bay Leaf .

Individual evidence

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