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The Schwärzetal House is a culture house with a hall in Eberswalde .

The most important events in the city take place in the cultural center. With the state horticultural show in 2002, another hall was built in Eberswalde (the so-called flower hall), which, however, as a former industrial hall, has poor acoustics. That is why traditional events such as the Eberswalder Carnival Days take place in Haus Schwärzetal. The carnival days as the most important annual cultural event in Eberswalde are inextricably linked, as the entire culture house is being rebuilt at the beginning of the year and the scenery does not fit into other rooms.

The house was never officially called "Schuppen", only the pub on the street side had this name for a short time. The term 'shed' is used in the city.

Previous names:

  • 1864: Arnold's garden establishment
  • 1867: Victoria Garden
  • 1892: Restoration of Mr. Fritz Grundmann (Grundmann's restaurant and garden, see below)
  • 1906: harmony
  • 1950: Volkshaus
  • 1957: Youth Clubhouse
  • 1964: District Culture House
  • 1984: Schwärzetal Culture House
  • 1995: House Schwärzetal
Media ball 2003 in the shed
Exterior view of the shed
Interior view of the hall
Restoration of Mr. Fritz Grundmann
Waterfall restaurant
1864 the Berlin innkeeper Friedrich Arnold opened the first hall company of the city of Eberswalde on the site of today's 'Haus Schwärzetal': 'Arnold's garden establishment' .
1867 a new owner has renamed the restaurant "Viktoriagarten" ; after the wife of the German heir to the throne Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia , Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise , the English ' Princess Royal ', born on November 21, 1840 in Buckingham Palace in London . Her eldest son was the last German Kaiser, Wilhelm II .
1870 Military hospital
1873 The adjacent August-Bebel-Straße was also given the name Victoriastraße. At that time both spellings of Victoria were common, with 'c' and with 'k'.
1885 the fruit and horticultural exhibition took place here. The area stretched on both sides of the blackness towards the Kurhaus Gesundbrunnen
1892 the restaurant was renamed: "Restoration of Mr. Fritz Grundmann"
1897 Victoriastraße was connected to Brunnenstraße by building a bridge over the blackness.
1906 Julius Mewes, who also owned the restaurant “am Wasserfall” in today's zoo , bought the house and enlarged the hall. The house was named Harmonie and its current appearance.
1916 "Royal Club Hospital of Harmony, Station III"
1945 a field hospital was set up here in January for the third time in history .
1948 renovation work began to restore the building to its original character.
1950 the house was reopened as the "Volkshaus" . The fountain continued to bubble until the late 1960s.

Behind the Volkshaus, with a separate entrance over the small bridge from Brunnenstrasse, you came to the beer garden. In the middle there was a wooden stage, tables and chairs consisted of a collapsible metal frame with a wooden slatted frame.
The guests were allowed to bring their thermos with malt coffee (coffee beans were still a rarity) and their cakes or sandwiches, as restaurant prices were still unaffordable for most of them.

1957 the Volkshaus was renamed the Clubhouse of the Youth . It was under the FDJ district leadership. The beer garden was closed.
1964 Another renaming took place in "Kreiskulturhaus" .
1984 the house was renamed "Kulturhaus Schwärzetal"
1987 the house was closed "for technical reasons". The dilapidated state could not be further concealed. The penetrating moisture pushed the parquet upwards, the roof was leaky and the entire interior including the kitchen and sanitary wing as well as the stage technology had to be renewed and modernized.
1995 the house was reopened after 8 years of closure and was named "Haus Schwärzetal" . During these eight years of closure, the only events that took place in February were Carnival, at times in the middle of construction work. Thanks to the scenery used by the forest carnival, this was possible.
2003 On September 5th, there was major water damage due to a technical defect in the sprinkler system.

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