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The British monarch traditionally, but not automatically, bestows the title of Princess Royal ([ prɪnsəs ˈrɔɪəl ], German : Royal Princess ) on his eldest daughter. This is worn for life and cannot be awarded to anyone else during this time, so there is always only one Princess Royal at a time. So far there have been a total of seven winners of the title. The title was created in 1642 by Charles I of England for his daughter Maria , as his wife Queen Henrietta Maria (1609–1669), the daughter of Henry IV of France, The title of the oldest daughter king of France , Madame Royale , wanted to imitate.

The current Princess Royal is Princess Anne . She received the title in 1987 through Letters patent from her mother Elizabeth II. The previous bearer, Anne's great-aunt Princess Mary , died in 1965, the next possible title holder could be Charlotte of Cambridge after Anne's death , if her father, Prince William , would once be king becomes.

List of Princesses Royal

Maria Henrietta Stuart , the first Princess Royal
  1. Princess Maria (1631–1660), eldest daughter of King Charles I from 1642 , married to Wilhelm II of Orange , mother of the future King Wilhelm III.
  2. Princess Anne (1709–1759), eldest daughter of King George II from 1727 , married to William IV of Orange
  3. Princess Charlotte (1766–1828), eldest daughter of King George III from 1789 . , married to King Friedrich I of Württemberg
  4. Princess Victoria (1840–1901), eldest daughter of Queen Victoria from 1841 , as wife of Frederick III. German Empress and Queen of Prussia
  5. Princess Louise (1867–1931), eldest daughter of King Edward VII from 1905 , married to Alexander Duff, 1st Duke of Fife
  6. Princess Mary (1897–1965), from 1932
    only daughter of King George V , married to Henry Lascelles
  7. Princess Anne (born 1950), the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II since 1987 , married to Mark Phillips (1973–1992) and Timothy Laurence (since 1992)

The princesses Maria (later Queen Maria II of England, 1662–1694), the eldest daughter of Jacob II and the wife of William III. von Orange , as well as Sophia Dorothea (1687–1757), the only daughter of George I and wife of Friedrich Wilhelm I , would have been eligible for the title, but did not receive it.

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