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Heinz Schlötermann (born June 14, 1913 in Lüdenscheid ; † February 27, 1985 in Mannheim ) was a German author and preacher of the Free Religious State Community of Baden ( Free Religious Movement ).

Live and act

Heinz Schlötermann studied philosophy, theology and theater studies at the Universities of Cologne, Berlin and Jena and received his doctorate in Jena in 1938. He was a soldier in World War II . In 1946 he founded the Lüdenscheid Adult Education Center, where he worked as a lecturer until 1951. In 1951 he worked as a state preacher in the Free Religious State Community of Lower Saxony , and from 1952 to 1973 in the Free Religious State Community of Baden. During this time he was a lecturer in religious studies at the University of Education in Heidelberg and Karlsruhe, editor of the monthly for religious self-determination (formerly: Der Freireligiöse ) from 1957 to 1973, and a member of the World Association for Religious Freedom (IARF). At the 21st IARF Congress in 1972 he was elected its Vice President. In this capacity he went on lecture tours in India, Japan and the USA in the congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).


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