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Helmut Engelmann (born July 1, 1937 in Nuremberg ) is a German classical philologist and epigraphist .


Engelmann received his doctorate in 1963 with the dissertation The Greek Alexander Romance: Review G, Book 2 in Cologne and has since worked as a lecturer at the university there. In the following years he specialized in Greek epigraphy and published numerous inscription editions and indices on Asia Minor. After his appointment to the Academic Councilor in 1972, he became co-editor of the journal for papyrology and epigraphy in 1973 . He was later appointed an adjunct professor. He has been retired since 2002 and lives in Höhr-Grenzhausen .

Engelmann is a real member of the Austrian Archaeological Institute .

Fonts (selection)

  • The Greek novel of Alexander. 1963.
  • The Delian Sarapisar Etalogy: Contributions to Classical Philology . 1964.
  • with Reinhold Merkelbach : The inscriptions of Erythrai and Klazomenai . Volume 1 and 2, 1972-1973.
  • The inscriptions from Kyme . 1976.
  • with Dieter Knibbe and Reinhold Merkelbach : The inscriptions of Ephesus . Vol. 3 and 4, 1980.
  • The inscriptions of Ephesus: word index . 1984.
  • with Dieter Knibbe: The Customs Act of the Province of Asia . 1989.
  • with Boris Dreyer : The inscriptions from Metropolis. Part 1: Urban politics under the Attalids and in the conflict between Aristonikos and Rome. The inscriptions for Apollonios of Metropolis. 2003.


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