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Henri Ribaut (* 1872 ; † February 14, 1967 in Toulouse ) was a French pharmacist , entomologist and cicada expert. He was a professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacology at the University of Toulouse .


From the 1920s onwards, Ribaut caused a change in the taxonomy of cicadas by using fine anatomical details (also in their three-dimensional form) under the microscope, for example of the internal male genital organs, to differentiate between species that would otherwise be difficult to distinguish. He first applied this in 1936 in his treatment and revision of Typhlocybinae ( Faune de France series , Volume 31). In 1952 the following volume appeared ( Cicadellidae and Jassidae , Faune de France 57). The books also set standards in terms of illustrations.

He also dealt with biological speleology.

Dedication names

The cicada genera Ribautodelphax (1963 by Wilhelm Wagner ) and Ribautiana are named after Ribaut .


  • with Edmond Dupuy : Cours de pharmacie , 4 volumes, Paris 1902 to 1904
  • Myriapodes, 3 parts, Paris: A. Schulz 1914
  • Homoptères alsoénorhynques, 2 volumes, Faune de France, Paris: P. Lechevalier 1936 (Typhlocybinae), 1952 (Jassidae)
    • a supplementary volume was published in Paris in 1989 by William Della Giustina.

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Individual evidence

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