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Henri Romagnesi

Henri Charles Louis Romagnesi (born February 7, 1912 in Paris , † January 18, 1999 in Draveil ) was an important French mycologist . In his honor, the French Mycological Society awards the Romagnesi Prize every year. The main focus of his research was the processing of the red rot ( Entoloma ) and the deaf ( Russula ). His botanical-mycological author's abbreviation is “ Romagn. ".


Romagnesi became famous for his comprehensive monograph on the genus Entoloma or Rhodophyllus , as it was called in the early 20th century.

His second major research focus was the great genus of the deafblings. In 1967 his well-known pigeon monograph "Les Russules d'Europe et d'Afrique du Nord" was published, in which he described in detail almost all European pigeon species known at the time. With his work he revolutionized the Russula system at the time and created a system that is still the basis of all modern Täublings classification systems today. Many species of deafness were validly described by him for the first time in this work.

Another important work was the "Flore Analytique des Champignons Supérieurs", which he edited together with Robert Kühner . For a long time this book was the most important mycological reference work in the French language.

Individual evidence

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