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Henry Marris-McGee (born May 14, 1929 in Kensington , † January 28, 2006 in London ) was a British actor . He was best known for his numerous roles in the television series Benny Hill Show .

His family's acting skills go back to the 18th century . McGee became an actor in the early 1950s after his time with the Royal Navy and he initially played small to very small roles in films. Since the late 1950s, he was mainly active for television . He became particularly well-known since 1968 alongside Benny Hill in the show of the same name. He gained additional notoriety as the Honey Monster in the Sugar Puffs commercial. In the English version of Asterix in America (1994) he lent his voice to Caesar . Seim's work includes more than 80 film and television productions.

McGee died of Alzheimer's disease after a long stay in a mental hospital .

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