Henry de Percy († 1272)

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Sir Henry de Percy (* around 1235 - † August 29, 1272 ) was an English nobleman.

Henry de Percy came from the Percy family and was the eldest son of William de Percy († 1245) and his second wife Elena, a daughter of Ingram de Balliol. Still a minor, he offered £ 900 in early 1249 to preserve his father's estates, who died in 1245, as well as the right to marry. Before June 1257 he was knighted , in that year he served in the army of King Henry III. at the fighting in Wales . In early 1259 Percy was among the friends and allies of Richard de Clare, 5th Earl of Hertford , when he reached an agreement with the heir to the throne Edwardclosed, so he probably initially belonged to Simon de Montfort's reform party . Later, however, he was on the side of the king and was one of the barons that Henry III. accompanied to French Amiens , where the French king tried to mediate in the Mise of Amiens between the barons under Montfort and the king. During the Second War of the Barons that followed , Percy fought on the king's side in April 1264 during the siege of Northampton . Then he was one of the defenders of Rochester Castle , who successfully defended the castle against the siege by Simon de Montfort and Gilbert de Clare . He was captured at the Battle of Lewes on May 14, 1464 and remained in captivity until after the victory of the royal party in the Battle of Evesham on August 4, 1265.

In September 1268 he married Eleanor de Warenne, the eldest daughter of John de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey and Alice de Lusignan , the king's half-sister. He had at least two sons with her,

the existence of a frequently mentioned third son, William, has not been established. He was buried at Sawley Abbey in Yorkshire . After the early death of his eldest son John, his posthumous son Henry eventually became his heir.

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