Herbert Firl

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Herbert Firl (born September 29, 1899 in Dresden ; † December 13, 1941 on the crossing to Mexico ) was a German-Swiss resistance fighter against the National Socialist regime of Adolf Hitler .

Herbert Firl lived in Berlin-Friedrichshain at Warschauer Strasse 47, where a memorial plaque is still attached today. He was a member of the illegal state leadership of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD). In 1934 he fled the Nazi regime to Switzerland and later to Spain , where he took part in the Spanish civil war on the side of the republic. After the defeat he was interned in the French camp Le Vernet and later in Casablanca . After massive protests against the internment of Spain fighters , he was allowed to travel to Mexico, but did not survive the voyage. In the memorial of the socialists his name is listed on the large porphyry plaque.

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