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A stove or stove events (including focus ) referred to in medicine a local pathological change, which can trigger an effect in herd remote areas or in the entire organism.

General medicine

The spreading (spreading) emanating from a "spreading focus" (for example tooth, almond, gall bladder, ovary or appendix) (to be treated with antibiotics or surgically) is also called metastasis . This spread is particularly important in the case of malignant tumors.


Prior to the initiation of an oncological treatment, which is accompanied by a weakening of the immune system , focal events in the dental area must be clarified, as they can be the cause of severe inflammation and even sepsis.


For example, an immune reaction in the case of chronic inflammation of the tonsils can also lead to inflammatory, hyperergic reactions in other organs .


A circumscribed brain damage can various remote effects such as paralysis , sensory loss or epileptic pull discharges to be. These effects can be caused by an interruption of nerve tracts , pathological-anatomically verifiable damage to brain centers or also by electrophysiologically detectable functional disorders, which then u. U. are referred to as epileptogenic foci or are simply noticeable as unspecific bioelectrical anomalies with regard to the shape, amplitude or phase differences compared to the registered EEG potentials of the neighboring or contralateral brain regions.

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