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Construction occupation or building trade is the generic term for occupations in the main construction trade , the main area of which is the construction and maintenance of structures , construction projects and buildings .

Construction workers in Chemnitz, 1970

The term construction worker or building craftsman is commonly used for all people who work on a construction site or are involved in construction. However, the designation construction worker is not a training occupation or a fixed occupational title. Construction occupations are usually classified in the category of craft occupations , as the characteristics correspond to those of a craft occupation . However, there are also exceptions to occupations that are construction occupations, but not craft occupations. One example is the occupation of construction equipment operator , as although a contribution is made to construction projects in the job, no manual work is carried out with tools or stationary machines, but (in this case) with construction vehicles . Scientifically, construction professions are mainly based on technology , or geometry and physics . In various professional fields, including biology and chemistry .


19th century

According to Renzsch, the journeymen experienced in the 19th century "the transition to capitalist production of goods in the building trade as the disintegration of the class craft." . "

Construction projects

Examples of construction trades

Construction trades for building and property equipment

Construction trades for roadways

Non-manual construction occupations

Non-manual construction professions for planning, designing and managing construction projects

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