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The term construction project is often used synonymously with construction project and describes the entire planning and work process for producing or modifying a construction object .

In the narrower sense, it is a building . In a broader sense, all work on facilities , buildings , land and the structural infrastructure (such as roadways ) can be viewed as a construction project.

The DIN 69901 defines a project as a "project, which is essentially characterized by the uniqueness of the conditions in their entirety, such. B .:

  • Targets
  • Temporal, financial, personal or other limitations / conditions
  • Differentiation from other projects
  • Project-specific organization "

In other contexts, a project is also defined by:

Large, complex and novel projects, especially construction projects, are often characterized by:

  • Initiation, planning, control, implementation and monitoring with the participation of a large number of changing actors and
  • greater effort for internal organization of work processes and coordination of those involved.

In the construction industry, industry-specific types of contract must be taken into account. Buildings count as contract goods, which are initially only defined by the respective planning specifications and service description. The actual product is only manufactured later.

In principle, construction projects are to be assigned to investment projects with fixed goals and results as well as fixed dates and costs with variable resources . Due to unforeseeable events or change requests by the client , deviations from the original goals can occur during the implementation of the project, which also affects the adherence to deadlines and costs.

The project management has the task of finding an optimal solution for keeping costs, deadlines and quality . DIN 69901 defines project management as "the entirety of management tasks, organizations, techniques and resources for the execution of a project". In order to achieve the project objective, the procurement, combination, coordination and use of resources is necessary for temporary and risky projects with a complex structure, given deadlines and limited costs. The coordination tasks can be solved by:

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