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Herfast or Arfast (* around 1030 in Normandy , † 1084 in England ) was the first Lord Chancellor and keeper of the seals of England and Bishop of Thetford.


Herfast came from a respected Norman family. In 1066 he came to England with Duke and later King William the Conqueror, and after the Battle of Hastings he was appointed royal scribe. In 1068 he was given the office of Lord High Chancellor of England and was involved in the creation of the Domesday Book (Judgment Day Book ). In 1070 he became Bishop of Thetford (predecessor of the Bishop of Norwich), but it came into conflict with Bury St Edmunds Abbey . The disputes were first settled by William I and Lanfrank von Bec , Archbishop of Canterbury , and recorded in the Accord of Winchester (1072).

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