Hermann III. (Swabia)

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Hermann III. (* before October 995 ; † April 1, 1012 ) from the Konradin family had been Duke of Swabia since 1003 as the son and successor of Hermann II.

However, the duchy was in fact ruled directly by him not only because of his minority, but rather because of his father's opposing candidacy in the election of King Henry II in 1002, a state that was to last into the middle of the century and under, with changing occupations should also lead to the uprising of the future Duke Ernst II .

With Hermann III. the older line of the Konradines died out in the male line. He was succeeded by Ernst I from Babenberg , who two years later (1014) married Hermann's sister Gisela and subsequently became his brother-in-law.

predecessor Office successor
Hermann II. Duke of Swabia
Ernst I.