Ernst I. (Swabia)

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Ernst I (* before 994; † May 31, 1015 ) from the Babenberg family was Duke of Swabia from 1012 until his death.

He was a younger son of Margrave Leopold I of Marcha Orientalis ( Ostarrichi , later Austria), King Heinrich II. 1012, after the death of the last Conradine Duke Hermann III. who gave the duchy a fief. Ernst legitimized his appointment shortly afterwards by marrying Gisela , the sister of his predecessor, who gave him two sons, Ernst II and Hermann IV , who successively succeeded him.

On May 31, 1015, Whit Tuesday, Ernst was struck by an arrow shot by one of his followers while hunting and was fatally wounded. He was buried in Würzburg . After his death, Emperor Heinrich II transferred the duchy to his eldest son Ernst.



predecessor Office successor
Hermann III. Duke of Swabia
Ernst II