Hermann IV (Swabia)

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Hermann IV. (* Perhaps around 1015; † summer 1038 ) from the Babenberg family was Duke of Swabia from 1030 until his death.

Origin and heritage

He was the younger son of Duke Ernst I and the later Empress Gisela von Schwaben , the younger brother of Duke Ernst II , whose revolt against Emperor Konrad II , the brothers' stepfather, ended in 1030 with his death.

The Kingdom of Burgundy , for whose heir Ernst II. And thus Hermann IV. Came into question, but which was given by the Emperor to the half-brother of the two, the later Emperor Heinrich III. was intended, went to the latter as planned, and Hermann, Gisela's middle son, who was still a minor, could be happy that the Duchy of Swabia was left to him. His guardian was Bishop Warmann von Konstanz . He died eight years later, after which the emperor moved in the duchy and ruled it himself until 1045.


Hermann married perhaps 1036 Adelheid von Turin (* probably 1015; † December 27, 1091 ), the mistress of Turin and daughter of Margrave Udalrich Manfred von Turin from the family of Arduine and Berta, and has since carried the title of his father-in-law himself.


According to a later Austrian source, the latest research has taken the habit of adding a daughter, Richwara, ancestral mother of the Zähringer family , to the Duke, traditionally regarded as childless , while Franz Tyroller suggested that the Counts of Kastl and Sulzbach were also descendants of the Duke , is generally rejected. Neither the property-historical argumentation of the Richwara thesis is convincing, nor is the solution to the question of closeness and age relationships. The lexicon of the Middle Ages starts the marriage of Hermann in 1036 and the birth of the eldest son of Richwara around 1040 on the family tree of the Zähringer family. At that time, Richwara would not have been older than four years. In 2006 Hlawitschka see ( Berthold I. (Zähringen) ) rejected this Richwara descent.


Individual evidence

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