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Berthold I, statue of Hans Baur , originally for the Old Rhine Bridge made

Berthold I von Zähringen (* around 1000 ; † November 6, 1078 in Weilheim an der Teck ), called the bearded one , was Duke of Carinthia from 1061 to 1077 and Margrave of Verona .


Berthold was a descendant of Count Bezelin von Villingen . Berthold, who was probably related to the Staufers on his mother's side, was a count in various domains such as the Ortenau , the Thurgau , the Breisgau and the Baar and thus one of the most influential counts in the Duchy of Swabia . Henry III. promised his partisan Berthold that he would be ducal there.

Heinrich's widow Agnes von Poitou , however, enfeoffed Rudolf von Rheinfelden with the duchy in 1057 , but promised to enfeoff Berthold with the next free duchy. Berthold's renunciation of his claim was finally rewarded with the title of Duke of Carinthia and that of Margrave of Verona, which made the Zähringer rise to the nobility . As a foreigner, however, like his predecessor Konrad III. Difficulties in really enforcing the rights from these titles in Carinthia and Verona. Berthold seldom stayed in his duchy, the actual power, especially in the southern Carinthian parts of the country, was exercised by Markwart IV of Eppenstein in a kind of "counter-duchy". Lampert von Hersfeld even reports that Berthold was deposed for the period 1072/73, but this is controversial.

In the course of the investiture controversy, Berthold, like his southern dukes from Swabia and Bavaria, Rudolf von Rheinfelden and Welf IV , opposed King Heinrich IV. He supported the election of Rudolf as the anti -king and was therefore deposed as duke at the Reichstag in Ulm in 1077 and ostracized. Markwart's son Luitpold von Eppenstein was named the new Duke of Carinthia .

Berthold withdrew to his own Swabian possession, which after his ostracism was exposed to the constant attack of royal troops. Berthold died on November 6, 1078 on his Limburg near Weilheim an der Teck and was buried in Hirsau Monastery, where he had significantly supported the construction of the monastery church.


Berthold's first marriage was Richwara, daughter of Duke Konrad II of Carinthia . The two had five known children:

His first daughter Liutgard († August 9, around 1119) was married to Margrave Diepold II von Vohburg and Ernst I von Grögling . His second daughter Richinza was married to a (Rudolf) von Frickingen in her first marriage and to Ludwig von Sigmaringen in her second marriage . She inherited the Spitzenberg Castle and the area belonging to it, thus establishing the Sigmaringen - Spitzenberg - Helfenstein line .

In his second marriage, Berthold I was married to Beatrix, a daughter of Ludwig von Mousson , Count von Mömpelgard. There is a known child from this second marriage:

  • Mathilda von Thurgau / Turigowe (von Zähringen) ∞ Berchtoldo von Steinegge called "von Witilinchoven" * October 15, 1032.


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