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Figure of Hermann I in the Church of St. Peter in the Black Forest

Hermann I of Baden (* around 1040 ; † April 25, 1074 in Cluny ) was Margrave of Verona from 1061 to 1074 and Count in Breisgau and ancestor of the line of Margraves of Baden .


Hermann was the eldest son of Berthold I von Zähringen and a brother of Duke Berthold II von Zähringen and the Bishop of Constance Gebhard III. from Zähringen .


His title of Margrave of Verona goes back to the affiliation of the Mark Verona to the then Zähring (titular) Duchy of Carinthia , while the county rights in Breisgau were family property. Only her first name of his wife Judith is known, a classification in one of the southwest German noble families has not yet been successful.

After experiencing the turmoil of the civil war during the investiture dispute , which devastated the Swabian homeland of the Zähringer , Hermann I retired to the Cluny monastery in 1073 , took his religious vows and became a lay brother . He died there the following year. The Catholics commemorate the blessed Margrave Hermann I of Baden on April 25th.

For the same reasons, his younger brother Berthold II of Zähringen shifted the focus of his rule to the Upper Rhine from 1079 .

In the count of the Margraves of Baden, Hermann does not yet have an ordinal number; he is the first in the series of bearers of the name Hermann.

In the following years, the name Hermann seems to have been used as the title of the eldest son, so that a possibly younger son took over this name if the older brother died as the bearer of this name.

From the marriage with Judith there was at least one son, Hermann (II.) . He was the first to call himself Margrave of Baden .

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  1. It was not until 1112 that his son first called himself Margrave of Baden.
  2. His mother Richwara is sometimes seen in literature as the daughter of Hermann IV from the Babenberg family , but this is controversial.