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Hansmartin Schwarzmaier (born May 3, 1932 in Tübingen ) is a German historian and archivist . Schwarzmaier was director of the General State Archives in Karlsruhe until 1997 . Through decades of research he is a proven expert on the Hohenstaufen dynasty and its time.

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Hansmartin Schwarzmaier was born in 1932 as the son of pastor Otto Schwarzmaier and his wife Clara, née. Haux was born in Tübingen. After graduating from the Ulrich v. Hutten-Oberschule in Korntal near Leonberg in 1951 and a six-month period of study at the Leibniz College of the University of Tübingen , Schwarzmaier studied history, German and English in Tübingen and Freiburg. In 1958 he was at Gerd Tellenbach with a dissertation on royalty, nobility and monasteries in Upper Swabia in the early and high Middle Ages doctorate . Schwarzmeier completed his training as a scientific archivist in Stuttgart, Sigmaringen and Karlsruhe. From 1966 to 1969 Schwarzmaier worked at the German Historical Institute in Rome . A socio-historical monograph on medieval Lucca arose from the activities there . The work was recognized as "a very important contribution to the history of pre-communal Italy". From 1969 he worked in the General State Archives in Karlsruhe. From 1986 to 1997 he was chief archive director there. From 1975 to 1985 Schwarzmaier headed the working group for historical regional studies on the Upper Rhine. From 1984 to 1988 he taught regional history at the University of Karlsruhe , and since 1987 medieval history at the University of Heidelberg . In 1988 he became an honorary professor there. From 1975 to 2002 he was the editor of the magazine for the history of the Upper Rhine .

His main research interests are the history of southwest Germany and the high medieval history of Italy. Schwarzmaier investigated the symbols of power and iconography of the Zähringers up to the 19th century. He is a member of the commission for historical regional studies in Baden-Württemberg (1972) and of the Constance working group for medieval history (1989). In the autumn of 1997 he led a conference of the Constance working group on the subject of “Swabia and Italy in the High Middle Ages (10th – 13th centuries)” together with Thomas Zotz and Helmut Maurer . Schwarzmaier is the editor of the Handbook of Baden-Württemberg History , which was published in six volumes from 1992 to 2007. In 2005 he published a history of Baden from the Middle Ages to the founding of Baden-Württemberg. Schwarzmaier has repeatedly devoted himself to prevented or failed rulers. In 2009 he published an introduction to the Hohenstaufen period in southwest Germany.



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