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The Leibniz Kolleg in winter

The Leibniz Kolleg ( collegium leibnicianum ) is a central institution of the University of Tübingen , named after Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz .

It is a propaedeutic facility that enables high school graduates to make a well- founded study decision through a ten-month comprehensive study program and at the same time wants to introduce them to scientific work. The Leibniz Kolleg attaches great importance to interdisciplinarity in order to realize a more comprehensive educational ideal than is normally possible in the specialist course.

It was originally founded in 1948 at the instigation of the French military government as an institute of the University of Tübingen in order to give the post-war generation a new understanding of democracy and history. Personalities such as Carlo Schmid , Romano Guardini , Carl Friedrich Freiherr von Weizsäcker , Paul Ohlmeyer, Eduard Spranger , Theodor Steinbüchel and others played a decisive role in the conception of the course.

As part of the ten-month general studies live 53 fellows from October to July in Leibniz Kolleg in Tübingen Fountain Street and visit the offered by the College of seminars that cover all areas of the sciences, as well as musical and creative sector and mainly by lecturers of the university led to .

The Leibniz Kolleg is currently headed by Ursula Konnertz and Thorsten Nagel.

The application requirement is the general university entrance qualification or a (German or international) school-leaving certificate recognized as equivalent. The Leibniz Kolleg is not an elite sponsorship . First admission criterion is rather the desire for wissenschaftspropädeutischem to develop work and study orientation and a willingness to co-operative living and learning with the other students of the college and the course leaders.


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