Korntal-Münchingen grammar school

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Korntal-Münchingen grammar school
Korntal-Münchingen grammar school - Logo.jpg
founding 1880
place Korntal-Münchingen
country Baden-Württemberg
Country Germany
Coordinates 48 ° 49 '49 "  N , 9 ° 6' 55"  E Coordinates: 48 ° 49 '49 "  N , 9 ° 6' 55"  E
student 1009
Teachers 80
management Christoph Brechtelsbauer
Website gymnasium-korntal.de

The Korntal-Münchingen grammar school is a grammar school in the west of Korntal , Ludwigsburg district . Around 969 students are taught by around 80 teachers at the school.


Korntal-Münchingen grammar school

Previous school

In 1819, the year Korntal was founded, Johannes Kullen founded a Latin school that could only be attended by boys. The subjects taught included Latin, Greek and French. The grammar school train was set up for the Latin pupils and the real train for the new speakers, corresponding to today's secondary school.

From 1821, girls were allowed to be taught in separate classes, whose training focused on preparing them for later work as housewives.

In 1848, Professor Gottlob Pfleiderer was appointed head of the school. By establishing "sport" as a normal subject, the school became internationally known and many boarding school students were also attracted from abroad. As a result, the local students were impaired in their school development, because the lessons could not be appropriately designed for the “one-year examination” (similar to the secondary school leaving certificate or the state examination).

Foundation of the parish Latin school

With the purchase of the school building by the Evangelical Brethren Congregation Korntal and the subsequent establishment of the "Community Latin School" in 1880, the Württemberg curriculum became authoritative again.

Alfred Warth headed the newly founded school from 1882 to 1908. Under his leadership there were already three parallel trains for grammar school , secondary school and secondary school , which were completed with the appropriate exams. Then Professor Ernst Käller took over the school management until 1926. With the newly introduced subjects handicrafts and music, a further focus was placed on independent creative achievements of the students.

Theodor Reiff was the headmaster from 1926 to 1934. During National Socialism , the previously denominational Protestant school was converted into a state Ulrich von Hutten high school, which in 1940 succeeded as a full-fledged grammar school. During this time, the ability of the students to defend themselves became the focus of the school.

After the Second World War, under the headmaster Wilhelm Simpfendörfer from 1945 to 1952, the congregation of the Brethren was involved again. The grammar school remained a public school. The lessons for girls and boys remained separate in the science trains in contrast to the old language train. Simpfendörfer then became Minister of Culture of Baden-Württemberg .

Dr. Albert Bayer headed the grammar school from 1953 to 1974. A joint sponsorship for the grammar school and the Progymnasium with the Brethren has existed again since 1955 (until 1975, then again under the sole sponsorship of the city). Bayer inaugurated the new school building on Charlottenstrasse in 1958.

From 1974 to 1984 the religion teacher Theodor Botsch was headmaster. In 1976 the grammar school and the progymnasium were merged and the co-education of girls and boys was also introduced in the science classes, first in the middle and lower grades, and later also in the upper grades. In addition to the mathematical and scientific trait, a new language trait could now also be taken. In 1978 a new extension was put into operation and the upper level reform came into force.

The German teacher Götz Heim ran the school from 1984 to 2003. During his time there was a wide range of course options for students in the upper school. Angelika Nollert became the first headmistress in 2003. It accompanied the rather undesirable conversion of the grammar school to the Abitur after twelve years (G8) among teachers, parents and students . During her tenure, a generously glazed extension with a new auditorium as well as numerous functional and technical classrooms (including an internet café ) was built. She was released into retirement in 2014.

Christoph Brechtelsbauer has been the headmaster of the Korntal-Münchingen grammar school since 2014. (As of 2019).

Today there are six buildings on the school premises, of which the four-story main building with the classrooms is the largest. There is, among other things, a research center, a cafeteria and a large bicycle storage room.

School offers

At the school, English , Latin and also French are offered in the lower grades according to the Biberach model . Other languages ​​offered include Spanish and Ancient Greek.

Partner schools

A student exchange takes place with partner schools



  • Theo Rehm (†), theologian, dentist and NSDAP politician (left 1915)
  • Erich Hartmann (†), fighter pilot (high school graduation 1940)
  • Berthold Leibinger (†), entrepreneur, managing director of the Ditzingen company Trumpf (high school graduation 1950)
  • Martin Winterkorn , Manager and former Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG (graduation class October 1966)
  • Randolf Rausch , geologist, (graduation year 1969)
  • Günther Oettinger , politician, Prime Minister (CDU) and EU Commissioner (born 1972)
  • Andreas Cichowicz , TV journalist, Grimme Prize laureate 2002 (high school graduation 1980)
  • Markus Rösler , landscape ecologist and member of the state parliament (GRÜNE) (graduation year 1981)
  • Thomas Schneider , soccer coach and former professional soccer player (high school graduate class 1992)
  • Jörg Scheller , art historian, journalist and musician (high school graduate 1998)


  • Wilhelm Simpfendörfer (†), politician (CSVD, CDU) and minister of education for the state of Baden-Württemberg, headmaster from 1945 to 1952
  • Bodo Nassal , artist, has been teaching since 1992

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