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Werner Trillmich (born June 15, 1914 in Görlitz , † September 13, 1985 in Hildesheim ) was a German historian . He was best known for his new translation of the chronicle of Thietmar von Merseburg .

Werner Trillmich attended the humanistic grammar school in Görlitz. From 1932 he studied history, German and Latin in Leipzig , Freiburg and the University of Breslau . On 24 May 1938 he was at the University of Wroclaw in Hermann Aubin with a thesis on settlement and economy in Jizera doctorate . He then worked as a research assistant for the Regesta on Silesian trade history. In the summer of 1939 he supported Aubin with cartographic work. In October 1939, when Herbert Schlengers was called up , Trillmich took over his position at the Institute for Historical Regional Studies. On October 11th, he contributed to a memorandum from the Publication Office in the Secret Prussian State Archive in Berlin-Dahlem, in which the Germanization of Poznan and West Prussia and the resettlement of 2.9 million Poles and Jews at first was demanded. In June 1940 he was called up for military service himself.

After his return from captivity, he worked from 1946 to 1950 as assistant to Aubin at the historical seminar in Hamburg and then worked for the state curator of the Hanseatic city. From 1952 he worked on the editing of the “Westermann Great Atlas of World History” and in 1954 became a lecturer and 1970 full professor for history and didactics at the Alfeld University of Education (Leine) .

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