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Wipo (* before 1000; † after 1046) was a Middle Latin poet and historiographer .

Only what is known from his writings is known about Wipo's life. He was court chaplain of the emperors Heinrich II. , Konrad II. And Heinrich III. , whose coronation as emperor at Christmas 1046 he still witnessed.

With his Gesta Chuonradi II. Imperatoris , Wipo proved to be the most important historian in the early Salier period . The biography with interwoven verses, rhymes and rhythmic prose parts portrays the ideal ruler as the image of Christ. This representation should be based on Heinrich III. act in an educational way. The "Proverbia" , a collection of moral sayings, and the "Tetralogus" , a poem in praise of Henry III, served the same purpose .

The Easter sequence Victimae paschali laudes also shows Wipo as an important sequence poet . Its dialogic middle section was included in Easter games . Other poems by Wipo have been lost.

The name form Wipo of Burgundy found in some hymn books and hymnological reference works is not contemporary.

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