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The German literature of the Middle Ages. Author's Lexicon ( VL ) is in its second, completely revised edition ( ²VL , VL² ) an important reference work in ancient German studies . The now completed project was based at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and was financed as part of the academy program.

Authors, anonymous works and groups of works are presented in detailed articles, taking into account the text transmission. The focus is on German-language literature from the High and Late Middle Ages, and a selection of Latin scripts is also taken into account.

A more extensive inclusion of Central Dutch literature than "German", as suggested by Kurt Ruh as early as 1955 and as the main editor, failed.


The first edition, founded by Wolfgang Stammler and continued by Karl Langosch , appeared in five volumes from 1933–1955 in Berlin.

The second edition comprises fourteen volumes and was published from 1977 to 2008. The first ten volumes contain entries on authors and anonymous works from A to Z; Volume 11 offers additions and corrections, Volume 12 an index of all manuscripts. Volumes 13 and 14 offer further registers.

The central editorial office (main editor: Christine Stöllinger-Löser) of the work published by Kurt Ruh (volumes 1–8) and Burghart Wachinger (from volume 9 main editor) was housed at the University of Würzburg until 2003 , then in Augsburg and Munich. The publishing support was the responsibility of the Walter de Gruyter publishing house in Berlin .

In 2001 a selection of studies appeared in a one-volume edition. In 2010 an unabridged study edition was published, but it only includes the first eleven volumes (without the registers).

In 2013, Rolf Bergmann, in collaboration with the authors of the 2nd edition and suggested by Verlag de Gruyter, revised and updated the lemmas of the Old High German and Old Saxon text corpus to the research status of 2012. The result of this revision was included in the “De Gruyter Lexicon” series and published under the title Old High German and Old Saxon Literature .

Table of contents of the second, completely revised edition

  • Vol. 01: 'A solis ortus cardine' - Colmar Dominican chronicler (1978)
  • Vol. 02: Comitis, Gerhard - Gerstenberg, Wigand (1980)
  • Vol. 03: Gert van der Schüren - Hildegard von Bingen (1981)
  • Vol. 04: Hildegard von Hürnheim - Koburger, Heinrich (1983)
  • Vol. 05: Kochberger, Johannes - 'Marien-ABC' (1985)
  • Vol. 06: Marienberger Osterspiel - Upper German Bibles (1987)
  • Vol. 07: 'Oberdeutscher Servatius' - Reuchart von Salzburg (1989)
  • Vol. 08: 'Revaler Rechtsbuch' - Sittich, Erhard (1992)
  • Vol. 09: Slecht, Reinbold - Ulrich von Liechtenstein (1995)
  • Vol. 10: Ulrich von Lilienfeld - 'The twelve-year-old monk' (1999)
  • Vol. 11: Supplements and corrections (2004)
  • Vol. 12: Manuscript Register (2006)
  • Vol. 13: Register of prints, other text witnesses, Initia (2007)
  • Vol. 14: Register of personal names. Work title. Bible references (2008)


  • The German literature of the Middle Ages. Author Lexicon. Edited and substantiated by Wolfgang Stammler, from Volume III (1943) edited by Karl Langosch, Volume I to V, Berlin (up to Volume II, 1936, also Leipzig), (first delivery 1930) 1933–1955. (VL 1 ).
  • The German literature of the Middle Ages. Author Lexicon. 2nd, completely revised edition, edited by Gundolf Keil , Kurt Ruh (responsible up to Volume VIII, 1992), Werner Schröder , Burghart Wachinger (responsible from Volume IX, 1995) and Franz Josef Worstbrock , edited by Kurt Illing (up to Volume I ) and Christine Stöllinger-Löser, Volume I – XIV, Berlin / New York (first delivery 1977) 1978–2008, ISBN 3-11-022248-5 ; Reprint (Volumes I-XI) ibid 2010, ISBN 978-3-11-022248-7 (VL 2 ).
  • German-language literature of the Middle Ages. Study selection from the "author's lexicon" (volumes 1–10) in one volume. Berlin and New York 2001, ISBN 3-11-016911-8 .

Complementary projects

  • German humanism 1480–1520. Author Lexicon . Since 2005, a supplementary reference work on humanism 1480–1520 has been published under the editorship of Franz Josef Worstbrock .
    • Vol. 1: A - K (2008)
    • Vol. 2: L - Z (2013)
    • Vol. 3: Supplements, Addenda and Corrigenda, Register (2015)
  • Early modern times in Germany 1520–1620. Literary scholarly author's lexicon (VL 16) . Another supplementary edition has been published since 2011 under the auspices of an editorship led by Friedrich Vollhardt .
    • Vol. 1: Aal, Johannes - Chytraeus, Nathan (2011)
    • Vol. 2: Clajus, Johannes - Gigas, Johannes (2012)
    • Vol. 3: Glarean, Heinrich - Krüger, Bartholomäus (2014)
    • Vol. 4: Krüginger, Johannes - Osse, Melchior von (2015)
    • Vol. 5: Paganus, Petrus - Seusse, Johannes (2016)
    • Vol. 6: Siber, Adam - Zyrl, Christian (2017)
    • Vol. 7: Supplements, Corrigenda and Register (2019)

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