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HP3000 918 LX minicomputer server

The Hewlett-Packard 3000 series is a family of minicomputers . After a difficult development phase, it was launched at the end of 1972; the first model was withdrawn in America, released at the end of 1973 after revisions and replaced by a successor at the end of 1974. There is different information about the exact timing.

The HP3000 should be the first mini-computer with a complete time-sharing - operating system are and build on the great success of only Basic timesharing systems. In contrast to the usual register architectures, the architecture was based on a stack architecture.


The first computers belonged to the medium data technology system and were based on a 16-bit CISC processor. In 1988 the PA-RISC architecture with 32-bit addressing was introduced. The hardware is identical to the HP-9000 - HP-UX family.

operating system

The operating system of the HP3000 is called MPE , with the introduction of the PA-RISC architecture MPE XL and later MPE / iX to indicate interoperability with Unix . Programs that were compiled on the first models with a 16-bit CISC processor can also run unchanged on the latest PA-RISC architecture models in copatability mode . MPE contains the database system TurboIMAGE , the actual recipe for success of the HP3000, the mask system Vplus as well as compilers for COBOL, Fortran, Pascal, Basic and C. In 1999, with the implementation of web functions, the system was renamed from "HP3000" to "HPe3000" .

In November 2001, the system / support was initially discontinued by the manufacturer Hewlett-Packard at the end of 2006 (end-of-support), but was then extended again until the end of 2008. The production and sale of new systems was discontinued at the end of 2003.

Maintenance continued through December 31, 2012.

On January 1, 2027, there will be an arithmetic overflow in the data format of the calendar on the computers of the 3000 series from Hewlett-Packard (as with the year 2038 problem in UNIX ). Since December 2015 there has been no support from the manufacturer.

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