Hirzel road tunnel

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The Hirzel road tunnel is a project for an approximately 5 km long, two-lane tunnel that will connect the Horgen / Wädenswil ZH area with the Walterswil ZG area and relieve the current Hirzelpass road . It is not in the original plan for a highway tunnel, although this road tunnel , the highway end of the motorway A4a to the highway exit Wädenswil the A3 would connect. Local circles have been calling for this tunnel to be built for over 20 years.

The Hirzelpass forms a bottleneck on the important San Bernardino route for journeys between Basel and Chur via the A2 , which is also often narrowed further by construction sites. This is mainly expressed in long traffic jams in front of and on both ramps when the Gotthard motorway has to be closed as a result of an event and traffic is diverted to this alternative route, as happened after the severe tunnel fire in 2001 or after the rockfall accident in 2006. The traffic volume on today's pass road is up to 20,000 vehicles per day.

In 2006 the project became topical again and was included in the structure plans of the two cantons, but an exact route has not yet been determined.

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