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History World Vienna "Vienna Blood" was a controversial family owned waxworks in the vaults under the Heiligenkreuzerhof in the first Viennese district of Inner City . The model was Madame Tussaud’s wax museum . In addition to the wax figures, video projections and special effects were used on the 1,150 m² area. The exhibition was dedicated to the history of Austria and well-known art paintings from the Middle Ages to the First World War. Depictions of the inquisition, torture and executions created a gruesome atmosphere.


The almost 50 life-size figures of historical personalities with true-to-the-original costumes were created from stage sets. The official opening was planned for December 22, 2002, but was delayed again and again, among other things because of the flooding in Prague , where the figures were made. 80 to 100 people worked on the artistic realization of the project. A total of around six million euros (82.6 million schillings) was invested. The wax museum should pay off economically from 130,000 visitors per year. 500,000 visitors were expected.

The residents of the Heiligenkreuzerhof feared the expected masses of tourists and for the oldest building complex in Vienna, which has been owned by Heiligenkreuz Abbey since the 13th century .

For more than two years there was talk of an early opening. Even without an official opening, visitors were allowed to enter the unfinished Historyworld Vienna “Wiener Blut” from the beginning of 2004. The horror panopticon was criticized for the lack of a red thread. In May 2006 bankruptcy proceedings were opened against Historyworld Ausstellungs- und Gastronomie GmbH.

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