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Holger Pedersen, around 1937

Holger Pedersen (born April 7, 1867 in Gelballe near Kolding , † October 25, 1953 in Hellerup near Copenhagen ) was a Danish linguist .

Indo-Europeanist and Celtologist

Pedersen received his doctorate as a linguist at the University of Copenhagen in 1897 and became professor of linguistics there in 1903. In the academic year 1926/27 he was rector of the university. He worked in the field of comparative linguistics , especially in Indo-European studies and Celtology . His Comparative Grammar of the Celtic Languages (1909–1913) occupies an important position in Celtology in the early 20th century and is still considered a standard work today.

In his 1951 work Die common Indo-European and pre -Indo-European plosives, Pedersen suggested that the aspirated plosives of Proto-Indo-European were not bh, ie, gh , but ph, th, kh . This theory was revived in 1984 in a modified form as the glottalized series / p ', t', k '/ by Tamas Gamkrelidze and WW Iwanow .

The nostratic

By comparing Indo-European with other Eurasian language families, Pedersen came up with the concept of nostratic languages , which he used for the first time in his work on Turkish phonology in 1903. In his 1931 historical book Linguistic Science in the 19th Century , he defined "Nostratisch" as follows:

As a comprehensive designation for the families of languages ​​which are related to Indo-European, we may employ the expression Nostratian languages (from Latin nostras "our countryman").

In this work he postulated the genetic relationship of Indo-European with Ural and - albeit somewhat weaker - with Alta . As even more distant relatives, he names the Eskimo languages , Semitic (and thus Hamito-Semitic as a whole) and - with reservations - also Basque .

However , Pedersen did not attempt to prove the genetic unity of the nostratic. It was not until the 1960s that the nostratic idea was revived , especially by Aharon Dolgopolsky , and filled with concrete content (see the article Nostratisch ). The Basque language was not taken into account; rather, it is now considered a member of the Dene-Caucasian macro family .


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