Bumblebee Brummel

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Bumblebee Brummel
Location Schwabenpark
( Kaisersbach , Baden-Württemberg , Germany )
Type Steel - inverted
model Like flyer
Drive type Electric motors
Manufacturer Wiegand
opening 2020
length 500 m
Max. speed 40 km / h
Inversions 0

Hummel Brummel im Schwabenpark ( Kaisersbach , Baden-Wuerttemberg , Germany ) is a roller coaster under construction by the manufacturer Wiegand, which is scheduled to open in summer 2020. On the 500 meter long stretch of the so-called Wie-Flyer, two people sit next to each other under the rail and can accelerate the car individually using a lever. The cars are powered by electricity, as the cars are connected to a power rail that runs along the entire route. The maximum speed of the roller coaster is around 40 km / h and the minimum speed is around 6 km / h. (This occurs as soon as the lever is not operated.) A WLAN connection between the cars means that no collisions can occur, as these are continuously monitored and slowed down when they come into closer contact. The roller coaster will also have its own soundtrack produced by IMAscore .

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