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Classification according to ICD-10
M67.4 ganglion
M70.4 Prepatellar bursitis
D18.1 Lymphangioma, any location
ICD-10 online (WHO version 2019)

As a Hygroma ( neuter ; latin Hygroma ; of ancient Greek ὑγρόν hygron , German , Liquid ' to ὐγρος hygros , German , wet, damp' ) or as a water swelling , a fluid-filled cyst designated. The effusion can arise, for example, due to a chronic inflammation of a tendon sheath ( tendovaginitis ) or a bursa ( bursitis , mucous tumor). Usually as a result of chronic inflammation, a tumor-like swelling of the bursa and tendon sheaths occurs due to a serous fluid. Of these, one is Hygromatosis rheumatica distinguish. Over-legs or ganglia as fluid-filled exudation cysts with smooth or shaggy warty inner walls are also called hygromas. Hygromas can form fistulas . Hygromas of the hard meninges ( Hygroma durae matris ) can arise as a result of bleeding after their resorption . A lymphangioma cavernosum is called a hygroma cysticum .

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