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If was a British fusion band formed by John Mealing (keyboards), Terry Smith (guitar), Jim Richardson (bass), Dick Morrissey (saxophone, flute), JW Hodkinson (vocals, percussion), Spike Wells (drums) and Dave Quincy (Saxophone) was founded in London in 1969 .

With their sophisticated jazz rock , they were initially seen as competitors of bands like Blood, Sweat & Tears . Unlike their American competitors, however, the formation never made its big commercial breakthrough. Although the band toured several times through the USA and across the European continent and performed in the German Beat Club as well as on the BBC , the band temporarily disbanded after the album If4 / Waterfall . Smith and Quincy formed the afro-rock group Zzebra . If was reformed by saxophonist Dick Morrissey in 1973 with new members. During this phase, the band tried in vain to open up a new commercial market by increasing the emphasis on rock. In 1975 the band broke up for good. Musicians from different phases of the band were later active as session musicians in other projects. Dick Morrissey played & a. for Alexis Korner , Paul McCartney , Jon & Vangelis , Vangelis and in jazz , while Dennis Elliot formed the US group Foreigner with great success in 1976 with former members of Spooky Tooth and King Crimson .


  • 1970 - If
  • 1970 - If 2
  • 1971 - If 3
  • 1972 - If 4 / Waterfall
  • 1973 - Double Diamond
  • 1973 - Not Just Another Bunch of Pretty Faces
  • 1974 - Tea Break Over Back on Your Heads
  • 1995 - Forgotten Roads - The Best Of IF
  • 1997 - Europe72 (Live)
  • 2008 - What Did I Say About the Box Jack? Anthology 1970-1972
  • 2010 - Fibonacci's Number - More live IF


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