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The industrial society is characterized by a high degree of industrialization and the associated production wise and social structures . The respective economic system is not taken into account in this definition of the term. Industrial societies came into being as a result of a process known as the industrial revolution . From the point of view of ethnology, they are viewed as so-called "hot" cultures , in which progress and development are the key models of the underlying worldviews .


Essential characteristics of industrial society are production in factories and a high degree of division of labor . This is usually associated with an increasing spatial separation of work and living spaces. The trend towards urbanization , an increase in bureaucratisation , an increase in the material standard of living , environmental problems and a concentration of productive capital are also characteristic of industrial society .

Industrial society as an intermediate stage

The industrial society is seen as a step between the agrarian society and the service society ; this goes back to an interpretation of the three-sector theory by Fourastié and others.

In highly industrialized, market economically oriented economies today is the share of the service area at the value larger than that of the secondary sector. A process of de-industrialization can often be observed there. Industries in Southeast Asian low-wage countries displaced the competing industries from industrialized countries from many markets (e.g. textile industry or textile and clothing industry - see also textile industry in Bangladesh ). First Japan dominated, then the tiger states (South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore as well as Hong Kong) and the People's Republic of China followed . In the meantime, industries are moving from China to even cheaper countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia .

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