International Phonetic Association

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The International Phonetic Association
legal form Private company limited by guarantee
Seat London
founding 1886

President Patricia Keating
Members 346 (as of September 2018 )

The International Phonetic Association [ ɪntə'næʃənəl fə'nɛtɪk əsoʊsi'eɪʃn ] (abbreviation: IPA ; French Association phonétique internationale , API; German formerly Weltlautschriftverein ) is the world's largest and most important association in the field of phonetic sciences and its application.

The club was in 1886 in Paris by some language teachers, led by the French linguist Paul Passy founded, initially with the aim of a unified possible phonetic transcription system for the notation of sounds practically to develop all known languages and this system henceforth as an aid in the teaching of foreign languages at Schools spread.

In 1888, the IPA created a later updated International Phonetic Alphabet , which was followed in 1889 by the first year of its Maître Phonétique organ .

The journal of the International Phonetic Association is published on behalf of the association, and the IPA is also the organizer of a four-year international conference, the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS).

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