Irene class

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The Princess Wilhelm in 1903

The two Irene-class ships were built as German naval and foreign cruisers . Until 1893, cruiser corvettes were in this class , then second class cruisers, and from 1899 small cruisers . The crew ranged from 365 to 374 men. As armament, the Irene class had 14 Rk (15 cm), 6 revolver cannons and 3 torpedo tubes (35 cm). From 1893 the ships were converted and from this point on they still had 4 Rk (15 cm), 8 SK (10.5 cm), 6 SK (5 cm) and 3 torpedo tubes (35 cm).

The Irene was launched on July 23, 1887 in the Vulcan shipyard in Stettin . Two ships emerged from this class, the Irene and the Princess Wilhelm . The deletion from the list of warships took place on February 17, 1914. In 1921 the ships were scrapped in Rüstringen. The replacement buildings were in the Graudenz class .


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